Thursday, April 2, 2009

Orthodox Patristics

1. This site, which is not affiliated with the blog of the erudite, praiseworthy, humble, and pious Eastern Orthodox man James L. Kelley, is the counterpart to Catholic Patristics (see index of posts here). I will use this blog to present and explain, from a Catholic perspective, Patristic and conciliar texts that the Eastern Orthodox might use to rebut Catholicism. This will be necessary because otherwise the posts at Catholic Patristics will be too long, and the posts there are intended to give positive Patristic proof of Catholic doctrine more than refute the Orthodox misuse of Patristic texts in their vain quest to prove Catholicism false.
2. I take the lionheart ascetic and genius St. Maximos the Confessor of Constantinople as my Heavenly patron for Orthodox Patristics, and I pray that the blog, when it is much more fleshed out, will help evangelize the Eastern Orthodox, for whom I have much love and respect. God has blessed me with certain knowledge that the Catholic Church is the true Church, and I humbly hope that my new complementary blog will help show this truth from a Patristic and conciliar basis and help strengthen the faith of Catholics. May God make my faith and your faith stronger each day! Amen.

3. May God bless you and yours! Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

4. Index:
*Immaculate Conception
*Papal Infallibility & Primacy - including a refutation of Abbe Wladimir Guettée's arguments from The Papacy--Its Historic Origin and Primitive Relations with the Eastern Churches
*Particular Judgment
*Peter is the Rock
*Purgatory & Prayers for the Dead

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